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February 2017 – Present

Race Director


November 2015 – February 2017

VP of Event Operations

  • Work hand in hand with the investors to make sure all  departments are operating correctly within the OCR industry
  • Created the overall race/operations blueprint for the CMC relaunch in NY (Sept 2016)
  • Worked closely on the new CMC website, branding, promo videos, marketing, and the social media “voice”
  • Operated as Lead Race Director
  • Worked hand in hand with the build crew and logistic department  to facilitate the  build and tear down of the event
  • Operated as Course and Obstacle Designer
  • Worked as the main point of contact with the Fort Hamilton Military Base in Brooklyn
  • Worked with offshore companies for race supplies/obstacle trussing/medals


February 2015 – May 2016:

Director of Race Operations/Course Designer

  • Created the overall operations blueprint for 2015 event
  • Operated as Lead Race Director
  • Operated as Build Crew Director
  • Operated as Course Designer
  • Liaised  local property owners to utilize adjacent areas for optimal course design
  • Worked with offshore companies for race supplies
  • Worked with multiple outside races to facilitate the “guest obstacle” concept
  • Put together and ran the build crew, handled hours, wages, etc.
  • Personally designed (AutoCAD) and built multiple new obstacles
  • Heavy machinery operation when needed
  • Coordinated with photography/timing/medical companies on race day
  • Liaised with international activation company in readiness for going International in 2016


February 2015 – November 2015 (USA):
Event Manager

  • Helped relaunch and subsequently managed the new SavagePRO heat program (the elite heat)
  • Wrote SavagePRO rules, added mandatory obstacle completion and the new “Masters” division
  • Handled/presented the awards ceremony
  • Managed the SavageJR program (kids race)
  • Created new obstacles (Wheel World) and also updated older ones (Kiss my Walls)
  • Increased the online PR presence for Savage Race (reviewers at ALL events, content articles/features in the OCR media
  • Used network connections to bring in the best athletes in the world to Savage Race
  • Helped the build crew with construction prior to race day
  • Coordinated/briefed with photography/timing/volunteer coordinators on race day
  • Worked hand in hand with the Festival, Registration, and Volunteer Directors to facilitate a smooth running event on race day


February 2014 – February 2015 (USA):

Managing Director of Race Operations/Lead Race Director

Hired to create an OCR race experience based on the Navy SEAL B.U.D.s training, and execute this event nationwide. For 2014 created and executed BattleFrogs initial 7 launch events, For 2015 set up multiple events in 18+ cities. For 2016, started coordination of possible international dates (Canada, UK, and Australia).


  • Created the overall BattleFrog race (OPS) blueprint from start to finish
  • Operated as Lead Race Director for all 2014 events
  • Designed all courses and created the course format based around the Navy SEAL ethos
  • Created/designed multiple obstacles that are still being used
  • Handled all site surveys/scheduling/pre-contract negotiations
  • Worked with offshore companies to save money on race materials and handled customs and importing logistics
  • Worked on the points system, elite, open, and BFX heat formats with team members
  • Designed the original festival/DJ/awards blueprint
  • Ran the build crew until a build crew supervisor came onboard
  • Coordinated with photography/timing companies on race day
  • Liaised with a number of international activation companies in readiness for taking the series International in 2016 and beyond
  • Worked hand in hand with the Build Crew, Festival, Registration, and Volunteer Directors to facilitate smooth running events



December 2011 – December 2013
CEO/Lead Race Director/Event Director/Marketing Director

Created/produced the following events:

  • The Great American Bacon Race (non-OCR),
  • Mud Mingle (fun 5k mud run)
  • The Challenge (6+ Mile more intense OCR event)
  • Zombie Run: Extreme (Zombie run with obstacles) for Human Movement Events.

Utilized my passion for OCR with my experience in event production to launch Fearless Events of FLA, Inc. Fearless produced multiple events, ranging from 5k fun runs with a bacon theme (yes, bacon) to serious 6+ mile OCR events. With a marketing budget of around $5000 per event, our events still managed from 1300 –  4000 participants.


  • Created the race concepts, marketing strategies, race theme
  • Created/designed all obstacles and courses
  • Site surveys/scheduling and venue contract negotiations
  • Set up EMT plan for each event
  • Designed the original festival set up
  • Ran the build crew, constructed obstacles, trained build crew
  • Worked with the venues on insurance and liquor permitting
  • Coordinated with the photography and timing companies before and on race day
  • Designed website, t-shirts, medals, and all print media


January 2003 – January 2012
Launched IMC as a full-service marketing solution for small to mid-sized companies within the hospitality industry (nightclubs, bars, outdoor events, hotels).

IMC specialized in:

  • Print
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Direct mail
  • Street level marketing
  • Event production
  • PR
  • Online marketing
  • Web/software development
  • Email marketing
  • SEO and SEM

2000 onwards (USA):
Headhunted from the UK by the legendary Liquid Nightclub in Miami, Florida (2000) to become marketing director and event producer of two weekly events at their venue on South Beach.

Pre-2000: Relevant experience (UK):
Former marketing troubleshooter for large hospitality company in the UK. I was responsible for going into failing divisions within a large company and rebranding/re-launching various branches within the company. This included nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and hotels.

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